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Meter Proving & Calibrations and the Differences between Testing & Proving

The terms “meter proving” and “meter testing” are generally employed interchangeably, however, it has to be said, the contrast concerning proving and testing a meter is both substantive and crucial to understand.

Simply, meter proving occurs anytime the accuracy and reliability of a meter is verified. The aspects for Meter Proving and the envisioned results might change depending on the varied kinds of meters utilizing exclusive functions. Quite simply, its a gas meter prover for gas meters.. Various meter provers like to assess their readings versus a fixed array as listed in their guides..

Meter proving is the technique for determining a modification component (i.e. a meter factor) to adjust the gauged numbers for errors due to installations and functional impacts. NIST or The National Institute of Standards and Technology, holds an abundance of info in their databases that meter proving professionals can possibly acquire and evaluate their results from which ever meter they’ve been evaluating. One of the more prevalent sorts of proving is actually for liquid hydrocarbon and this is commonly the situation in pipelines carrying this gas. Specialized prover joints are necessary as part of the metering station permitting parallel measuring of the fluid in both of these devices.

Despite the fact that meter testing has been around for over a hundred years the exact standard is there at present as it did before. This makes testing from this method is at risk to various different adaptations and insecurities.

meter calibration - Meter Proving & Calibrations and the Differences between Testing & ProvingAnd we have got the more common gas meter proving expert who tests and verifies gas meters. Municipal and public works are without a doubt the most widespread employers of meter provers. Provers work by transferring a known amount of air through a meter whereas monitoring the gas meters register, index, or central displacement. Next the prover compares the percentage of air transferred through the meter using the air assessed according to the meter itself.

The bell is essentially a vertical inside tank that have an external insulating exterior. There are actually two layers and while the exterior layer is typically filled with oil, the internal layer is called the bell. An air-tight is provided by the liquid seal. Bell provers are typically counterweighted to offer pressure that is positive to a hose and valve interconnected to a meter. Oftentimes casters or guides are put in on the part that is moving of bell which allows for smooth linear mobility without the potential for unmeasurable stress differentials as a result of the bell rocking back or forth.

There are a number of different components of consideration when meter testing employing bells. Things like air pressure, temperature and understandably the proportions of the bell size it self. Bell scales are exclusive to each and every bell and are usually linked vertically with a needle-like indicator. where proving a meter making use of a manually directed bell, an operator needs to initially fill the bell with a controlled air source or increase it manually by cracking open a valve and tugging a chained mechanism, seal the bell and meter and check the sealed system for leakage, pinpoint the flow rate necessary for the meter, install a specialized flow-rate cap on the meter outlet, observe the starting points of equally the bell scale and meter index, release the bell valve to transfer air through the meter, observe the meter index and calculate the time it takes to move the pre-specified volume of air, and then manually determine the meter’s proof accountancy for bell air and meter Temp and in certain instances Some other environment factors.

There are several design criteria for calibration systems. These can include, but are not limited to, volumetric methods, gravimetric techniques, and master meter contrast. These processes can produce outcomes with an uncertainty of better than 4-to-1 as weighed against the meter to be proven.

In addition, there are criteria that manage and incorporate the calibration system that is entire. NIST and ISO 17025 define criteria and demands with varying quantities of difficulty for calibration facilities and procedures. The National Institute of Standards and Technologies, or NIST, defines requirements for traceability that real time utilising the laboratory that is individual upkeep or self-compliance. ISO 17025 is a more rigorous, third-party certification. This standard includes the whole calibration system and produces metrics for the meter calibration rig components, administrative systems for process operations, workers proficiency, and papers supporting the traceability and total measurement doubt for the calibration center that is entire. ISO 17025 standards ensure the level that is greatest of self- confidence in accuracy and repeatability.

The advent of programmable logic controllers (PLC) made it possible for gas meter repair facilities to automate many of the manual bell prover’s function and calculations. This is accomplished using automated methods of raising and lowering the bell prover. Every automatic techniques are aided by supplying relevant data into a computer to see the outcomes. In early 1990s, the PLC was replaced by PACs (Programmable Automated Controls) and modern computer components. In time they increase the digital Detectors that would permit for much more automation and reducing more the need for humans in the testing function.

As it is well known, technology is in continual rate and improving everyday. Now we have the capability to test flow rates with preciseness never seen before by employing vacuum provers. Moreover these enhancements removed the requirement of a bell in testing as everything can possibly be done through the nozzles. Testers utilizing vacuum to confirm flow rates will apply the Bernoulli’s principle. The best part about making use of digital automated systems in proving is that live data could be received and transmitted across an in house network enabling dynamic analyzation of live data.

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Energy Services Post COVID-19

As anyone will tell you that’s within ear shot of the energy sector, this whole pandemic thing is really hurting. I can only speak on behalf of those of us in energy services but straight across the board from what I can…2020 second half is gonna be a doozy!

Portal Resources has field offices located all throughout Alberta and British Columbia in Canada and Texas and Louisiana in the USA. With both governments voluntarily closing down their respective economies we witnessed something that will never be forgotten for generations to come.

In mid-March when the announcements were made we knew this was not going to be a week long thing but instead likely to last months. We were right. Unfortunately.

energy services marketing 1024x682 - Energy Services Post COVID-19Our company Portal Resources is a full service mid-sized energy services company that provides such services as E&I, turnarounds, meter proving, sampling and analysis and more. That being said we naturally came to a screeching halt when everyone went in to quarantine. But in all fairness we are a mid-sized company and we have more to think about than just ourselves so instead of sitting on our behinds we decided to take this downtime and invest in the future of our business post pandemic.

So what did we do? Well to start myself and my business partner, began to research marketing companies that we thought would be suitable to help our company move forward in what is commonly being called “the new norm”. We quickly realized that things were about to drastically change. Suddenly people we being told to work from home or remotely. In the energy services business this is near impossible therefore we quickly had the realization that we must begin adapting to this new way of business conduction post virus.

After a rather short search on Linkedin – clearly these guys know how to do Linkedin marketing for energy services – we found a company out of Niagara Falls, Ontario called aptly Energy Services Marketing (ESM).

We quickly arranged a call with one of them to discuss how we potentially utilize their services and what sorts of ideas they had for once the economies of both Canada and US reopened.

At Portal Resources we believe in remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to our local markets and keeping an eye on our competitors. Therefore we knew the importance of being first-man-to-bat per se and for us to hire an energy services marketing company for this precise reason…to give us that upper hand.

So in the end we have agreed to hire Energy Services Marketing (ESM) and we are positively optimistic that it will be a roaring success. Here’s to a better second half of 2020 and beyond.

Clarifying the Differences Between Meter Proving & Testing

Quite simply, meter proving is where the accuracy and reliability of a meter is tested. The factors for Meter Proving as well as the anticipated outcome might change per the various sorts of meters utilizing different features and methods. For instance a propane gas meter prover checks the precision of the butane meter. Meter Proving ideally counts on the validation or meter factor prover, which could be the value utilized for verifying the distinction between the meter’s data with a pre-calculated range.

Though meter testing has been with us for more than 100 years the exact standard prevails presently as it did long ago. As a result this makes testing via this method is sensitive to numerous different variants and insecurities.

There are several design criteria for calibration systems. These can include, but aren’t limited to, volumetric methods, gravimetric methods, and master meter contrast. These methods can produce outcomes with a doubt of better than 4-to-1 as compared with the meter become tested.

In addition, there are standards that regulate and encompass the calibration system that is entire. NIST and ISO 17025 define requirements and requirements with varying amounts of sophistication for calibration facilities and procedures. The National Institute of Standards and Technologies, or NIST, defines requirements for traceability that real time utilizing the lab that is individual maintenance or self-compliance. ISO 17025 is a more rigorous, third-party certification. This standard involves the calibration that is whole and produces metrics for the calibration rig elements, administrative systems for process operations, personnel proficiency, and papers giving support to the traceability and total measurement doubt for the calibration center that is entire. ISO 17025 standards ensure the known level that is greatest of self- confidence in accuracy and repeatability.

The terms “meter proving” and “meter testing” might often be utilized interchangeably, nevertheless, it needs to be said, the distinction regarding proving and testing a meter actually is substantive and important to know.

For starters meter proving is anytime a specialist assesses the precision of the meter. This can possibly be done where the professional (aka certified meter prover) analyzes the results taken from the meter against the data provided by NIST. The majority of widespread proving is done for fluid gas and commonly along pipelines. Specific prover connectivity are necessary at the metering station permitting parallel measuring of the fluid in both of these devices. Ultimately if possible, the results can sometimes be double checked using a laboratory services company.

Gas provers examine gas meters and they are without doubt the most typical. Meter provers are traditionally utilized gas meter maintenance facilities, domestic gas meter service centers, and public works sites. The task of a meter prover will be to basically pass a specific quantity of air through meter and testing that against the meter’s individual register. As soon as that is done the prover (meter) then provides the data he/she captured in the percentage of air directed to compared to the value displayed on the meter’s own. Meter proving is a principle service offered at Intricate Solutions, a Sherwood Park energy services company. Intricate is one such company that understands the importance of utilizing and maintaining accurate meter proving results.

The bell is in essence an upright interior container that have an outside insulating exterior. A space in among the inner tank and outer shell is filled up with a sealing fluid, often oil. An upside-down reservoir, referred to as the bell, is set over the inner tank. The liquid is there to act as a airtight seal for testing. Bell provers are oftentimes counter-weighted to supply pressure level that is positive to a line and valve joined to a meter. We regularly see rollers on the bell that allows soft linear movement without having threat of endangering the pressure developed by the bell seal moving.

bell prover - Clarifying the Differences Between Meter Proving & TestingThere is plenty of unique elements of consideration where meter testing utilizing bells. Items like air pressure, Temp and of course the data of the bell size on its own. And here is the thing, bell scales are created for a specified bell and cannot be employed on Some other. Hardly ever is there a more technically apt job compared to a meter prover in the oil & gas industry.

Meter testing” in natural gas orifice measuring generally entails a visible examination of the equipment for leaks or setup deficiencies; checking the orifice plate; and, when needed, calibrate the temperatures, static pressure level, and differential pressure level Detectors. There are a plethora of different testing methods beyond the scope of this article. One exception to this rule however is the hardly ever utilized orifice meter testing which does call for referencing primary devices versus the field data acquired from field provers. Harvest Oilfield Services is a Fox Creek oil and gas plant maintenance company which knows the importance of operating with accurate data.

Harvest is strategically designed to offer a diversified set of mobile boiler services to the energy industry for seasonal drilling and completion programs along with turnaround maintenance services.

The natural advancements of the computerized bell and PAC controls guided itself to the usage of vacuum driven provers with arrays of sonic nozzles (using choked flow to present precise flow levels. this When sufficient vacuum is applied to a sonic nozzle it creates a constant flow rate. Bernoulli’s principle is applied to calculate the chosen flow rates chosen by the user or automatic by a computer. Computers and PAC devices automate the function, and most sonic nozzle provers are efficient at displaying not only meter proofs to a user, but are also capable of transmitting proofs as well as other important data to database devices across a computer network.

6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

While it is an important topic that’s been discussed time and again, some people do not realize the importance of switching to renewable energy. While making use of replenishable sources poses a threat of not having energy one of these days, the bigger picture and impact is far more disconcerting. 

As citizens of the planet, we all have a responsibility towards our environment as well as future generations to come. We need to make sure that we take care of our environment while still maintaining and living comfortable lives. 

The beauty of sustainable energy, is that it will allow us to do just that. By using renewable energy, we will not only be giving the planet a break, but we will ensure a brighter future for us all.  

In this post we highlight some of the benefits everyone can experience when we start switching to renewable energy. 

Job Creation 

POST2 jobcreation workingpeople 1 1024x683 - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

Studies have shown that sourcing renewable energy requires more labor than traditional sources of energy. Every possible renewable resource requires lots of people to plan, source and construct the stations needed to capture and generate energy. This means renewable energy is an ideal way to create jobs. 

Saving Money in the Long-Term 

POST2 save money future 1024x683 - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

A lot of people may argue that implementing renewable energy requires a sizeable investment. While that may be true, it remains an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. Home owners that install solar panels for example will not only increase their property value, but they will benefit from saving money on energy in the long run. 

Decrease in Pollution 

POST2 greenfield trees 1024x683 - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

The best and most obvious benefit of using renewable energy is probably the fact that we won’t be replenishing our natural resources. These renewable solutions have a minimal impact on the environment, making them ideal. We are facing global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions, which would be eliminated when using renewable energy. 

Better for Health 

Did you know that the use of fossil fuels is detrimental to your health? Studies have found that fossil fuels can directly be related to some cases of cancer, heart disease, lung disease and more. Renewable energy will not have a harmful effect on our environment or our health, as we will not be reliant on fossil fuels. 

Increased Energy Sources 

POST2 windpower flowers 1024x683 - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

Oil companies have it made. As a lot of societies are still reliant on oil and fossil fuels as a source of energy, the demand keeps growing and the supply is decreasing. Making use of renewable energy sources will ensure societies have access to clean energy, throughout the year, from various sources. 

Independence from the State 

POST2 independance state free 1024x683 - 6 Undeniable Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions in Canada

Finally, by using renewable energy you won’t have to rely on power supplied from the state or utility companies. That means you can enjoy energy without any unplanned interruptions due to a blackout. You also won’t be footing the very costly bill every month, as you will be generating your own, sustainable energy.  

As you can see, there are loads of benefits to using renewable energy. While it is currently still pricey to implement it, we are sure the playing field will even out in the near future.  

POST1 featuredimage cana flag 1 570x342 - 5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

The world is currently in a state of instability. We are rapidly running out of energy resources, and those resources used world-wide is not sustainable while at the same time harmful to the environment.  

We do however have multiple options of sustainable energy resources. Some of these options can even be implemented in residential homes. In this post we take a closer look at five renewable energy solutions currently implemented in Canada.  


POST1 green field 1024x683 - 5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

Currently, bioenergy supplies 15% of the entire world’s energy. It’s an affordable renewable solution, and holds many benefits. The energy is sourced through combustion and can be sourced in biomass, including dried vegetation, aquatic plants and wood products to name but a few. 


POST1 waterfall hydroenergy 1024x683 - 5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

As you’ve probably guessed, hydropower is generated through water. Flowing water creates energy which is then captured and turned into energy. Currently there are two ways of utilizing this renewable energy source, via a pump storage plant or a hydroelectric plant. Dams and rivers are used to generate power in both cases. 

Solar Power 

POST1 solarpanel energy 1024x683 - 5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

Solar power is probably the most common source of renewable energy. A lot of homeowners are now adding solar panels to their homes as a solution for renewable energy. The process requires sunrays to be captured by solar panels which converts the sunlight to energy. 

Geothermal Energy 

POST1 geothermal energy 1024x683 - 5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

This source of sustainable energy is generated straight from the earth itself. It is sourced as intense heat underneath the ground, creating molten magma. This source is then utilized to either use naturally heated water, or to generate renewable energy. There are multiple technologies involved in sourcing geothermal energy. 

Wind Power 

And finally, we have wind power. This is another very popular sustainable energy solution used worldwide. It requires the construction of massive wind turbines. The air that flows through the blades generates energy. This solution requires little space and offers many benefits, including the fact that it is replenishable. 

With so many options of renewable energy solutions out there, it is hard to believe that communities have not yet made the shift. We are seeing efforts on multiple levels, from corporate companies to environmentally aware individuals, trying to find sustainable solutions for energy. 

Some of the solutions discussed here are costly and should be implemented on government-level. Others can however easily be used in residential and commercial instances.