5 Solutions for Sustainable Energy in Canada Today

The world is currently in a state of instability. We are rapidly running out of energy resources, and those resources used world-wide is not sustainable while at the same time harmful to the environment.  

We do however have multiple options of sustainable energy resources. Some of these options can even be implemented in residential homes. In this post we take a closer look at five renewable energy solutions currently implemented in Canada.  


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Currently, bioenergy supplies 15% of the entire world’s energy. It’s an affordable renewable solution, and holds many benefits. The energy is sourced through combustion and can be sourced in biomass, including dried vegetation, aquatic plants and wood products to name but a few. 


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As you’ve probably guessed, hydropower is generated through water. Flowing water creates energy which is then captured and turned into energy. Currently there are two ways of utilizing this renewable energy source, via a pump storage plant or a hydroelectric plant. Dams and rivers are used to generate power in both cases. 

Solar Power 

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Solar power is probably the most common source of renewable energy. A lot of homeowners are now adding solar panels to their homes as a solution for renewable energy. The process requires sunrays to be captured by solar panels which converts the sunlight to energy. 

Geothermal Energy 

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This source of sustainable energy is generated straight from the earth itself. It is sourced as intense heat underneath the ground, creating molten magma. This source is then utilized to either use naturally heated water, or to generate renewable energy. There are multiple technologies involved in sourcing geothermal energy. 

Wind Power 

And finally, we have wind power. This is another very popular sustainable energy solution used worldwide. It requires the construction of massive wind turbines. The air that flows through the blades generates energy. This solution requires little space and offers many benefits, including the fact that it is replenishable. 

With so many options of renewable energy solutions out there, it is hard to believe that communities have not yet made the shift. We are seeing efforts on multiple levels, from corporate companies to environmentally aware individuals, trying to find sustainable solutions for energy. 

Some of the solutions discussed here are costly and should be implemented on government-level. Others can however easily be used in residential and commercial instances.