Welcome to Portal Resources.  

The company was founded by Germain Vaillancourt, an expert in gas and oil. Germain’s vision is to empower businesses to harness the power of renewable energy. It is this vision that sparked the birth of Portal Resources. 

Germain has a team of industry professionals helping him provide businesses of all shapes and sizes to reach their goal of switching to sustainable energy sources. As a leading consultancy firm, the team sets out to provide expert advice to business owners looking for ways to go off the grid. 

Our services are unparalleled, and our clients agree. Over the years, we have provided our consultancy services to several businesses who now operate completely sustainably. When you decide to get our team in, you can expect nothing but the best! 


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Our team take pride in our work and achievements. You can rest assured that we provide nothing but professional services, and will go that extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your project. 


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Trust us to get the job done. Our team will first do a complete assessment of your premises and what your business requirements are. Once they have established the parameters, a complete report and guide is compiled with probably solutions. 


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We have more than 20 years combined industry experience. Our panel of experts has what it takes to make sure every measure has been taken care of to ensure you are happy with the outcome of our findings and suggestions. 

Our team is dedicated to providing only the best services. You can rely on us to ensure your business makes the shift efficiently, cost-effectively and well within legal limitations.