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Energy Services Post COVID-19

As anyone will tell you that’s within ear shot of the energy sector, this whole pandemic thing is really hurting. I can only speak on behalf of those of us in energy services but straight across the board from what I can…2020 second half is gonna be a doozy!

Portal Resources has field offices located all throughout Alberta and British Columbia in Canada and Texas and Louisiana in the USA. With both governments voluntarily closing down their respective economies we witnessed something that will never be forgotten for generations to come.

In mid-March when the announcements were made we knew this was not going to be a week long thing but instead likely to last months. We were right. Unfortunately.

energy services marketing 1024x682 - Energy Services Post COVID-19Our company Portal Resources is a full service mid-sized energy services company that provides such services as E&I, turnarounds, meter proving, sampling and analysis and more. That being said we naturally came to a screeching halt when everyone went in to quarantine. But in all fairness we are a mid-sized company and we have more to think about than just ourselves so instead of sitting on our behinds we decided to take this downtime and invest in the future of our business post pandemic.

So what did we do? Well to start myself and my business partner, began to research marketing companies that we thought would be suitable to help our company move forward in what is commonly being called “the new norm”. We quickly realized that things were about to drastically change. Suddenly people we being told to work from home or remotely. In the energy services business this is near impossible therefore we quickly had the realization that we must begin adapting to this new way of business conduction post virus.

After a rather short search on Linkedin – clearly these guys know how to do Linkedin marketing for energy services – we found a company out of Niagara Falls, Ontario called aptly Energy Services Marketing (ESM).

We quickly arranged a call with one of them to discuss how we potentially utilize their services and what sorts of ideas they had for once the economies of both Canada and US reopened.

At Portal Resources we believe in remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to our local markets and keeping an eye on our competitors. Therefore we knew the importance of being first-man-to-bat per se and for us to hire an energy services marketing company for this precise reason…to give us that upper hand.

So in the end we have agreed to hire Energy Services Marketing (ESM) and we are positively optimistic that it will be a roaring success. Here’s to a better second half of 2020 and beyond.